Monday, December 23, 2013

A sinking feeling, or the saga of our sink

We thought our new bathroom was finished, but alas . . .

First, the new bathroom sink's vanity (a fancy name for the cabinet, if any, under a bathroom sink) arrived with a defective knob.

Then, the downstairs neighbors politely complained of a leak in their bathroom.

The leak was repaired, as was the damage downstairs (at our contractor's expense).

But the damage in our own bathroom had already been done--the new vanity had suffered permanent water damage on the left side along the floor.  The contractor offered to have one side of the vanity replaced.

Before he could do so, however, we ran into another problem--water was dripping from the left side of the counter-top and causing further water damage in the same place because the counter-top was not level.  The counter-top was straightened out, and the waterfall ended.

No sooner had the counter-top been straightened when I found an unpleasant surprise one fine morning--out of nowhere, and for no discernible reason, the vanity's left door had developed a crack.

That wasn't the only thing that was cracked, either--there were scratches and pits all over the counter-top, even on the decorative areas where we couldn't put anything.

And finally, adding insult to injury, we discovered yet another leak.  By process of elimination, we concluded that the water was coming from where the bathtub drain pipe led under that darned sink--the leak was in a location so well hidden that the entire sink assembly would have to be removed to find and repair it.  

At that point, we'd had it up to here, and told the contractor's foreman to throw out that piece of, um, junk, find and fix the leak, and install a new sink.  The contractor has agreed to "eat" the cost of the current vanity and counter-top, telling us to deduct that amount from his bill.  We're looking forward to having a non-leaking, undamaged bathroom, hopefully by tomorrow, when we expect our new pedestal sink--I think it's this one (in biscuit, with widespread faucet)--to be installed.  Wish us luck.


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